[Closed] Getting CS0029 error when I try to check position of an object

error specifically: Cannot implicitly convert type UnityEngine.Vector3' to bool’

Have code in c# that finds any objects tagged as “redCircle” then checks to see if any of the objects are located at position (1,1) and if they are it deletes them. If it would work. Been searching around and tried a bunch of things to no avail. help would be much appreciated :D.

public void del() {
		GameObject[] circleDel;
		circleDel = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("redCircle");
		for(int i = 0; i < circleDel.Length; i++)
			if(circleDel*.gameObject.transform.position = new Vector2(1,1)) {*

_ Destroy(circleDel*.gameObject);_
Sorry if this is a stupid question, just started using unity properly today.

Change your = to == in if block