[Closed] MainMenu Script error

I am trying to make a MainMenu for my game, then i saw this error on my console.
i have been trying to find a solution for an hour, but i just get more and more errors.

Error:Assets/scripts/MyGraphics(MyMenuCNT).js(25,30):BCE0044: expecting :, found ‘=’

Please Help!

Search for this string in your code:

QualitySettings.currentLeve = QualityLevel.Simple;

Anything strange? Yes, you’ve forgotten a “l”, and it must be

QualitySettings.currentLevel = QualityLevel.Simple;

var buttonColor : Color = Color.blue;

var BackgroundColor : Color = Color.blue;

var Horizslidervalue : float = 0.0;

function OnGUI (){

GUI.contentColor = buttonColor;

GUI.backgroundColor = BackgroundColor;

if(GUI.Button (Rect ((Screen.width/2)-350,(Screen.height/2)-50,80,20), “Graphic Settings”)) {



GUI.Label(Rect ((Screen.width/2)-200,(Screen.height/2) - 100,100,40), “Quality Settings”);

GUI.Button (Rect ((Screen.width/2)-400,(Screen.height/2)-50,80,20), “SuperLow”);{

QualitySettings.currentLevel = QualityLevel.Fastest;

chooseQuality = false;}

GUI.Button (Rect ((Screen.width/2)-400,(Screen.height/2)-100,80,20), “Low”);{

QualitySettings.currentLeve = QualityLevel.Simple;
chooseQuality = false;}

GUI.Button (Rect ((Screen.width/2)-400,(Screen.height/2)-150,80,20), “Medium”);{

QualitySettings.currentLevel = QualityLevel.Good;

chooseQuality = false;}

GUI.Button (Rect ((Screen.width/2)-400,(Screen.height/2)-200,80,20), “High”);{

QualitySettings.currentLevel = QualityLevel.Fantastic;

chooseQuality = false;}

if(GUI.Button (Rect ((Screen.width/2)-350,(Screen.height/2)-50,80,20), “Graphic Settings”)) {




Horizslidervalue = GUI.HorizontalSlider (Rect (25,25,100,30), Horizslidervalue,0.0,10.0);}


function QualityOn (){

audiochanger = false;

chooseQuality = true;


function AudioOn (){

audiochanger = true;

chooseQuality = false;


thats also the only mistake i found. i made it bold so you can find it. just add the l and you should be ready to roll! :slight_smile: