[CLOSED]Problem with serialization after PUN update

After PUN update from 1.52 to 1.6 serialization stopped working.
I’m getting exception “Exception: cannot serialize(): Run.Domain.NetworkPlayer…

public sealed class PhotonSerializableNetworkPlayer : INetworkSerializable
#region INetworkSerializable implementation
		public Byte[] Serialize(object customObject)
			NetworkPlayer player = (NetworkPlayer)customObject;
			Int32 index = 0;

			Int16 nicknameLength = (Int16)player.Nickname.Length;
			Byte[] result = new Byte[sizeof(Int16) + nicknameLength + PhotonSerializableColor.ByteArraySize + 5 * sizeof(Byte)];
			Protocol.Serialize(nicknameLength, result, ref index);
			Byte[] nicknameBytes = Protocol.Serialize(player.Nickname);
			Buffer.BlockCopy(nicknameBytes, 0, result, index, nicknameBytes.Length);
			index += nicknameLength;
			Byte[] colorBytes = Protocol.Serialize(player.Color);
			Buffer.BlockCopy(colorBytes, 0, result, index, colorBytes.Length);
			index += colorBytes.Length;
			result[index++] = (player.IsReady) ? (Byte)1 : (Byte)0;
			return result;
		public object Deserialize(Byte[] byteArray)
			NetworkPlayer result = new NetworkPlayer();
			Int32 index = 0;
			Int16 nicknameLength;
			Protocol.Deserialize(out nicknameLength, byteArray, ref index);
			Byte[] nicknameBytes = new Byte[nicknameLength];
			Buffer.BlockCopy(byteArray, index, nicknameBytes, 0, nicknameLength);
			result.Nickname = (String)Protocol.Deserialize(nicknameBytes);
			index += nicknameLength;

			Byte[] colorBytes = new Byte[PhotonSerializableColor.ByteArraySize];
			Buffer.BlockCopy(byteArray, index, colorBytes, 0, PhotonSerializableColor.ByteArraySize);
			result.Color = (SerializableColor)Protocol.Deserialize(colorBytes);
			index += PhotonSerializableColor.ByteArraySize;

			result.IsReady = (byteArray[index++] == (Byte)1) ? true : false;
			return result;

then I register delegates:

      PhotonPeer.RegisterType(typeof(NetworkPlayer), (byte)'P', playerSerialization.Serialize, playerSerialization.Deserialize);

Player’s byte key is unique(i mean ‘P’, none of the other types uses it). What can be the problem?
Unity 4.6.7
PUN 1.6

Managed to find the problem. It was in byte-key, for some reason it was either used by some other type or smth else:) After changing it to e.g. ‘L’ everything started to work as intended.

@john_yarko, I got the same problem when try to register my own type with byte ‘P’.
Then I found your post and try to use ‘W’ with the same result.
Then I try ‘Z’ and ‘A’ - works good.

So I search in the project for the PhotonPeer.RegisterType call and found this snippet in Photon sources :slight_smile:

/// <summary>
/// Internally used class, containing de/serialization methods for various Unity-specific classes.
/// Adding those to the Photon serialization protocol allows you to send them in events, etc.
/// </summary>
internal static class CustomTypes
    /// <summary>Register</summary>
    internal static void Register()
        PhotonPeer.RegisterType(typeof(UnityEngine.Vector2), (byte)'W', SerializeVector2, DeserializeVector2);
        PhotonPeer.RegisterType(typeof(Vector3), (byte)'V', SerializeVector3, DeserializeVector3);
        PhotonPeer.RegisterType(typeof(Quaternion), (byte)'Q', SerializeQuaternion, DeserializeQuaternion);
        PhotonPeer.RegisterType(typeof(PhotonPlayer), (byte)'P', SerializePhotonPlayer, DeserializePhotonPlayer);

I think it could be necessary for Photon team to inform developers about this class here