[CLOSED] Switching controllers and keeping them in the same spot, when doing so?

Hello, I’m here to ask a question about First Person and Third Person controllers.

at the moment i have 2 controllers i use for my first and third person mode, the way it works is, it activates one controller(First Person) and deactivates another one(Third Person) i have no problem with switch back and forth.

It is only when i move and change back into the other mode, the problem starts.

i want to know if there is a way to blind or at least keep the inactive controllers in the same spot whether you move jump look up Look down Look around or change levels.

the key i use to switch back and forth from first and third person is " V "

if anyone knows how to fix this issue, feedback would greatly be appreciated.

thank you.


2015 UPDATE : I don’t use this method of character camera views anymore.

try this bro…

var cam01 : GameObject; // first person camera
    var cam02 : GameObject; // third person camera
    var player01 : GameObject; //first person controller
    var player02 : GameObject; //third person controller
    var check;                 // New check-variable

 var parentTransform : Transform;

    //start with first person active
    function Start() {

       cam01.gameObject.active = true; 
       cam02.gameObject.active = false; 
       player02.GetComponent(CharacterController).active = false;
       check = true;


    function Update() {

     if (Input.GetKeyDown ("v")) {
       if(check) {

         cam01.gameObject.active = false; 
         cam02.gameObject.active = true; 
         player01.GetComponent(CharacterController).active = false;
         player02.transform.position= player01.transform.position;
         player02.transform.rotation= player01.transform.rotation;
         player02.GetComponent(CharacterController).active = true;
         check = !check;

       else {

         cam01.gameObject.active = true; 
         cam02.gameObject.active = false; 
         player01.GetComponent(CharacterController).active = true;
         player01.transform.position= player02.transform.position;
         player01.transform.rotation= player02.transform.rotation;
         player02.GetComponent(CharacterController).active = false;
         check = !check;