[Closed]What frame rate should I be getting for a simple game?

Hi, so i have a 2D very simple game that only gets around 40 fps and i was wondering why, or if this is a problem at all. I was also having a problem where the built version drops from the already questionable 40 to about 20.

Thanks in advance

  • 40FPS on a iPhone 3G is very good. On a state-of-the-art Gaming PC, it’s awful. Context is everything :slight_smile:
  • Why is it achieving a certain frame rate? Use the profiler. If you haven’t got Pro, at the very least look at the stats windows (top right of the game window) to see what the draw calls, CPU and GPU time are per-frame.
  • Is this a problem? Depends on what you, and your users, deem to be an acceptable frame rate. There’s no other reason to worry about frame rate other than from the point of view of the user experience.

This is quite an open ended question. It’s not enough in this case to see a script. We would have to see the whole project to tell you the answer to this one.

Chances are you are using expensive functions and writing your code in a very non-optimised way. Compare what you have written to other code from experienced Programmers and you will likely see what I mean.

NullReferenceExceptions and lots of Debug.Log will slow your game down a lot.

Slow Functions include OnCollisionStay() OnTriggerStay() as they execute every frame.
4 Deep Nested ‘ifs’ will make it drag/hang.