Closing a Physics Constraint Gap

So I am (very) new to Unity, and as a first project I wanted to do a simple (not really) controllable physics tank demo for a 3D concept model I created.
My question is related to using a physics joint system for the tank’s treads:
I created the treads by duplicating a single track section and then using a hinge joint to connect each section to the previous track section, which I managed without any serious issues.
The problem is that the end of the track does not meet up exactly with the beginning of the track, meaning that there is a gap when it is run in the engine.
I am looking for a simple way to close the gap using a physics constraint, and then have it behave as a standard hinge joint after the gap has been closed, thus adding some tension to the track.
Here’s a screen capture, with the two links which I want to join selected:

I’m fairly certain that there is a simple solution, and that I’m just missing it due to my lack of experience with the program.

Add 2 more tracks, adding a little slack.