Cloth constraints don't constrain *o*

Hi !

I’ve set up that cloth apparently correctly (checked with tutorial), but I have a problem.

I figured out that the object is actually DISPLACED on game test, and quits my camera view.
With gravity it drops down by like 20 Y units. Without gravity it just goes up like 10 Y units and disform.

So the constraint isn’t fixing the points in the world space, it guides them a little. I tweaked every single thing and it doesn’t help with this.

Just the lower part is to be moved, the rest being fixed in the world space.

Thank you very much

Problem solved.

On the tutorial I saw they set Max Distance of 0.2 in constraints.

Obviously you should make it 0 so it doesn’t move at all. But in his example it worked anyway so it’s strange.

I leave it here maybe for the followers.