Cloth Object Question

Hello, I have a question. I have an sphere object that I would like collide with the cloth and roll thru and move/expand as it collides. (It is a net for a basketball goal and the colliding object is a ball) I have made the net a cloth object and every time the ball interacts with it, the net falls apart instead of moving like a cloth. Can you help with what settings I should have for the net to make it only expand or at least stop tell me how stop the net from tearing into pieces when the ball interacts. Thank you.

Hi troyomen,

I have been through a similar thing. What helped for me was use a generic cylinder object for the net and apply an alpha net texture on it. I’m not sure what your net consist of but trying to model the individual strands will cause a lot of issues during physics calculation and cause the net to fall apart (in my experience).