Cloth physics problems when migrate from Unity 2018 to 2019

I try to upgrade a project from Unity 2018.3 to 2019.2 and there are some issues with cloth physics.
1. Cloth constraints are misplaced (see attachment). I can fix them manually, it seems it is connected with mesh optimization.
2. Vertex movements became too intensive and chaotic.
3. Gravity influence seems to be wrong. Cloth vertexes are far from other colliders and looks like they gravitate along x or z axis.

I hope somebody has already faced this problem before.


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Hi, I also encountered problems with Cloths when upgrading to the newest Unity. Perhaps there’s a bug.

I've also encountered this issue. The cloth rendering is amazingly wonky. Here's a nice simple example from the asset store that exhibits the same behavior

  1. That’s documented in this thread .
  2. Experiencing stretching or distortion? Right now there’s a couple of serious issues that relate to mesh density which I documented in the same thread .
  3. That was an issue for a long time, finally fixed in Unity 2019.2.6f1. I think that was also the source of some of the chaotic movement I got. I have more info about it here and it’s possible it’s not fully fixed.

It was discussed in this thread for 2018.x … was fixed by wonderful Unity Dev @SeanParkinson . But after updating to 2019.2.11 I’m experiencing the problems you guys are having now. Guess we just need to wait on a fix.

Distortion in Editor appears to have a workaround if you disable mesh optimization for your cloth model. However, for me my cloth is still bugged in playmode because it starts flying around wildly with constraints. As I mentioned in the other thread I got an email for my bug report on this stuff that they’re investigating it for 2019.3, which I would expect to release… in 2019. So hopefully in the next month at most. This is scaring me because I could have a release soon and I want to make sure everything is stable long before then. Cloth is such a huge part of how my game should look so it’s a shame that it’s been broken for months now.

Cloth seems to still be badly broken in the most recent version. Here's a simple repro case for the Unity folks:

  • Download Dungeons & Castles from the asset store.
  • Load the "castle_interior" premade scene in Unity 2018. Run it inside the editor. Everything looks fine.
  • Load the "castle_interior" premade scene in the latest Unity 2019. Run it inside the editor. Look at the banners hanging down from the ceiling. Holy crap, everything is completely broken! Even more so as you walk around the room and find that the banners flicker or even disappear entirely at certain camera positions and camera angles.

Literally the simplest possible Cloth case -- a banner hanging straight down, with no wind and no objects to drape itself over -- and Unity 2019 fails spectacularly.

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