Cloth shader disabled?

Hi, I’m very new to Unity, and so, probably have dumb questions. But i couldn’t find the answer googling it so here goes.

I need a cloth to be dragged around by a input device (will be heat camera’s in the future) the problem is, the cloth is one sided. I figured out that this is because culling is on in my shader, so I tried to change that, the problem is: I can’t change the shader, only the color and texture of the material.

Somehow the shader dropdown is grayed out and will stay on “Default-Diffuse” I can’t edit the shader either.

Just discovered, that more of objects have the “default-deffuse” shader, is there a certain rule that disables me for using other shaders on some objects?

Download Unity’s built-in shaders from this page

Then edit one of the diffuse shaders to turn culling off. Assign it to a new material then assign the material to the cloth renderer.