Clothes and haircut

Hey guys i was just wondering how i would make a marker for the main character to collide with that would take him to a screen where you can choose what hairstyle he has and what clothes he has on. (If you are going to say something negative then dont answer) Thank you in advance.

I don’t see why anyone should give you a negative answer; we were all beginners once. :wink:
That said, I’m still relatively new to scripting with Unity, so I understand how overwhelming it can be at times.

To get you started, let’s go through a quick example scenario:

Say your playing The Sims, and you move your character to the dressing room. As soon as you get in the room, you wouldn’t want your character to enter the customization screen right away, right? You’d want the freedom to move around in the room, just like you would in real life.

Here’s where the logic comes in at: You click the mirror on the wall, and suddenly your taken to the customization screen! :smiley:

Unity handles situations like these with triggers. Triggers are what actually trigger events to happen when you reach specific points. However, you wouldn’t always want these events to be triggered even if you do reach a certain area. Imagine if you had to collect 100 coins to unlock the next area and go through a door.

To set this trigger up, refer to this. After you set it up with the help of the documentation, go into your script and make ‘isTrigger’ false as described here in the chosen answer till you want the ability to actually edit your character.

If you need further help with triggers, watch this video. These guys are great, and offer tons of free videos on how to use Unity, and even have projects to test how well you’ve learned Unity.