Cloud Content Delivery > Flaky SInce Last Thursday > My hair is on fire...

This is red hot critical.

I am in a tight dev/test/release cycle here.
With a very serious deadline.

I cant even reliably promote changes.
When I test it randomly gives me content from 2 days ago.

It appears that UNITY took the weekend off.
No updates posted.

CDNs need to be 99.999% available.

Mission critical to my business.

Unity is letting me down?

I cant run my business this way.


Hi Jack,
Thanks for posting on the forums.

We understand your frustration. We have the CCD team working on this incident and trying to resolve it as soon as possible, it is our highest priority.

A few more tests are needed to ensure successful release. We are looking at a release for this afternoon and will update the message accordingly.

I will also update this post as soon as the release goes out.



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Just another question.

All of this has caused me to reconsider CCD

My sense now is that it is really some sort of a sand box for amateur experimentation.

Which is a really good thing.

Having said that, amateur sandboxes are not what enterprise level systems are built on.

So am I correct in my new assumption that CCD is not intended for building and deploying Enterprise level Systems?

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Hi Jack,
I just noticed I responded to you on another forum. Apologies for not doing so here.
This was resolved yesterday afternoon. If you experience any issues please let us know.

Regarding CCD and its intended users: CCD is intended for everyone, Indies and enterprise levels as well.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and concerns.

All the best,

Still happening for me this all today.

Publish addressables.

Rebuild deply app.
Clean install.

Brings up files from some time ago.

Rinse and repeat a few times then you get what you want.

So lest say I put an "A" in the scene. Indicator I have the right one.

Do another build put a "B".

Republish to CCD

Rebuild deploy clean app.

I get addressable from some time ago not "A" not "B"

Reinstall the app a few times and I will get served up "B"
This is killing me man. My Test / Fix / Build productivity
Is perhaps 10%.

We have missed a delivery date.
In all conscience I can't deploy to production like this.

Please advise.

Org: 360XR
Project: 1776AR
Bucket: TVS_Android_Prod

Badge: BV_01_0001

I am sorry to hear you are still having issues. Thanks for that information.
Have you tried what was recommended on the other response?

Could you try the following:
Can you move your badge to another release and then move it back to the one you want it assigned to?
This should trigger an update and should solve the issue.

To do this click on the button to edit the badge


Switch the badge from one release to another and click submit
Return to edit the badge and undo this change re-submit.

Please let us know if it helps. If not I need to get more eyes on this.


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Will do

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Seems to work

Siill happening.

This is a house of cards.

Bucket - 1776AR_Android_Dev
Badge - BV02_0001

Uploaded 2 days ago.,
Now is wrong.

YOU GUYS ARE COSTING ME 10's of thousands of dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a CDN for gosh sakes.
It cannot be unreliable.

You have 24 hours.

FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SebtB_Unity > Can we set up a conference call with you and your boss.

To explain to me the ser vice levels I can expect from Cloud COntent delivery.

Monday afternoon works for me.


Hi Jack,

Sorry to hear you are still having issues.

This is the only report we have currently.
While looking into the logs we did see that it did take longer for your bucket to serve the correct release > 25 minutes when normally it should be within 5 minutes.

Could you please confirm if you are being served the correct release at this moment? If not could you repeat the steps mentioned previously by changing release and changing it back?

If you are still being served the wrong release. Please let us know the time approximately you are doing these changes so we can follow the logs.

As for a meeting, could you please contact your client partner and we can see when something can be setup?


Being served correct content.

But my faith in the reliability of your CDN is shaken.

I have asked several times. But you haven't answered.

What are your service level commitments?
What probability of receiving my content do I have when making a request?

Hi Jack,

I understand with the recent events that your faith has been shaken. Some recent improvements to the backend have caused some of the past incidents.

We don't currently offer an SLA for Cloud Content Delivery. However the stability and reliability of the service are of critical importance to us.

Regarding the error mentioned above could you describe the flow you followed or use case that had you seeing the wrong badge? It may help us determine what went wrong in this particular scenario.

For future incidents and for a more immediate assistance please submit a support ticket.

Thank you.