Cloud Content Delivery formats file name, and I'm unable to download it. 404 Error, file not found

CCD shortens the name of the bundle file on the 2nd time I upload it.

This ends up producing the error 404 not found

Despite loading my other bundle which it doesn’t format.

I updated the URL in the .json file catalog and updated it, created a new release, and tried the process. It was able to update without any errors. (Make sure to delete all caches, or it will use the old catalog.

These are located in


One thing I want to add is, you don’t have to clear cached data on the 3rd release (technically 2nd, but the 1st release should just be a text file for fetching URLs), when you are updating after editing the .json. This will better simulate what the users have on their end because they will likely never clean their cache. I was able to update the catalog and download new maps.