Cloud save in Unity

I’m writing an application in Unity and I would like it to have possibility to store the user generated data on the cloud - preferably linked with user id in form of an e-mail. I know there is a built in mechanism in Google Play Games module available from Google (github), but given it’s an application and not a game I was wondering if there is another better possibility tailored specifically for applications?
Any input appreciated.

If you really wanted to store data in cloud there are many ways like setting up your own server with php code inside of it which handles requests from unity and store it in mysql database and vice versa.Another way is by using mongodb,smartfox server,Playfab,Amazon web services(AWS-CognitoSync,Dynomodb) etc.

Yeah Google Cloud services is related Android and IOS also it requires Google Play Services login. Also you should have Google Developer Account to access all these services for your Game/App.

Hope this info may help you.


And what about Firebase? There is some authentication mechanism as far as I understand, so maybe cloud storage assign to ones personal account is possible as well?

EDIT: It seems I found a solution which requires combination of: Firebase + Firebase Authentication (with security permission: User) + Google Cloud Storage.

If you are looking for more platforms, Playfab or Game Sparks can be good option.
In-case if you want to target mobile, you can use our plugin - Cross Platform Native Plugins.

Cross Platform Native Plugins is
a collection of native features for
iOS and Android. Best part is “Write
Once and deploy on both”. Internally
for cloud services, it uses iCloud on
iOS and Saved Games on Android.

Along with Cloud Services, there are
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