Cluster animation from Maya to Unity3d

Is it possible to have cluster based animation made in Maya on Unity3d?

I'm not familiar with cluster based animation, but from quickly looking it up, I'm getting the impression that it's a method used to create vertex animations. Is this right?

In this case, it's not supported by Unity. Unity doesn't support vertex-based animations, only bone-based animations.

HiggyB has mentioned that "it's on our radar for future inclusion", however there's no official word as to when or in which version this feature might appear.

You might want to vote up this feature on the Unity Feedback site, to help push the cause to the forefront :)

Clusters are not used to create vertex animation. They are more like a kind of bone, but their weights live on a different layer to skin. I would assume it doesn't work because Unity is only looking at the skin deformer when its creating its export.

Clusters create vertex animations, that is why they are in the Deformers section of the animation menu. All of these deformers have their own node type that get generated and resides in the construction history outside of the skeletal bind (skinCluster). All bone based animations are in the Skeleton menu and drive the skin cluster directly.

Duck was correct

You could manually set the weights of a bone to be equivalent to the weights of your cluster. Would probably not be very hard to do by means of a script. Good luck!