Code Not Working

I’ve tried a few different ways and looked at about 12 articles/tutorials but I can’t find out what’ wrong. public class MovingTapBox : MonoBehaviour {

Vector3 MousePos;
public int TapDamage = 10;
void MovingClickBox()
    if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) == true)
        MousePos = Input.mousePosition;

        gameObject.transform.position = MousePos;


I’m trying to make the game object move according to the position of the mouse when they click.

Well your MovingClickBox() function looks fine but it is probably not getting called since you have no Update() function. The Unity tutorials are a great way to learn the basics of the engine where they explain this in more depth.

Also saying “code not working” could mean a lot of things… Please eleborate, like are there errors? does it compile? does it do something different than you expect? does it do nothing at all?