Codeless IAP not working, prompt to buy does not appear on iOS devices

Hello, in my game I want the user to be able to purchase two non-consumable items.

I followed the entirety of the Unity Codeless IAP Tutorial and searched YouTube for tutorials as well, but on iOS devices, clicking the IAP buttons does not result in anything happening. No prompt appears, and no actions occur other than visual feedback that the button was clicked.

This is especially frustrating as the IAP buttons works properly in the Unity editor, but they do not once I test them on my iPhone.

I read that the Apple XML file needs to be exported and given to Apple, but it does not mention how to properly do so. Thus, I have simply been dropping the XML file in my game project file prior to archiving with it xCode (but after building it with Unity).

I have also enabled In App Purchases within xCode itself, but to no avail.

I am positive the IAP Catalog is filled out correctly, and I am out of ideas on what to try next.

This is somewhat urgent as I am leaving for college in less than a week and I cannot bring my Mac desktop with me. Any help is extremely appreciated, and thank you in advance.


For anyone trying to solve this, my Apple banking and taxing information were not filled out.

Go to iTunesConnect > Agreements, Banking, Taxing > fill out appropriate info