Coding in Visual C# Express and editing Javascript-files?


im testing the Visual C# Express editor to write my scripts. Writing c# is cool but if i have any javascript classes in my project, i have no auto-completion or highlight-support for them.

How do you work with the different files? Are there any customizations to work with both script-types within visual c# express?

Thanks for your help

I dont think so, I think you only can code on C# :/

Any classes that interact must be written in the same language. You can still mix and match to some extent so long as the code files don't interact.

Another approach would be re-writing your UnityScript files into C#. If they were sample files, then it could be a good learning experience and you may be able to improve them for your needs. On the other hand, if you've spent the last few months painstakingly creating them and there are a bunch, it may not be worth the effort of a conversion.