Coin collides with player

I’m trying to make it so that the coin collides with the ground (bounces), but does not with the player. Right now if I try to collect a coin, it’s not a seamless pick-up as I’d like; The player can stand on it for a split second, and even balance it on his head if it’s above him.

I’ve searched far and wide on the internet, and everyone seems to just suggest the “isTrigger” option on the collider, but I already have that. I’m detecting the player collider, and it works pretty well, but for the coin to collide with the ground I have to have a second collider, which collides with the player.

I’ve even tried to disable collisions between them in the collision matrix, but that seems to disable the trigger collision as well. I’m currently clueless about what to do.

I probably didn’t understand the solutions I’ve already found. Could someone help me? It seems as if I’m just overlooking something, but I can’t figure out what.


Sorry there are no line breaks, I can’t seem to add them for some reason.

I’ve had a problem similar in the past. The solution I found was just changing the shape of the collider. I’m not sure if it’s a Unity bug or something but that’s what worked for me. In my case, it was a capsule collider and a box collider. It would for some reason delay the collision detection, but once I turned the box collider to a capsule it worked with no issues.

Hopefully, this helps, good luck :slight_smile: