Coin value is doubling on some scenes and not others?

I have made a prefab with a coin value of 5. It is picked up as the player collides with the coin and a score displayed on the canvas.

However, on some scenes the coin value is doubled for some reason (instead of recording a score of , a score of 10 is recorded instead) which is not intended.

I have tried deleting the coins/ prefab but when ever a new coin is added to the same scene it always doubles the value???

CoinValue Script:

 public class CoinValue : MonoBehaviour {   

 public int value;  


Score Script:

 public class ScoreManager : MonoBehaviour {

public static int Money;

Text ScoreCounter;

void Awake()
    ScoreCounter = GetComponent<Text>();

    Money = 0;

void Update()
    ScoreCounter.text = "Score: " + Money;


Collision Script:

public class CoinPickup : MonoBehaviour {

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col)
    if (gameObject.CompareTag("Coins"))

        ScoreManager.Money += gameObject.GetComponent<CoinValue>().value;


All of these scripts are then added to the prefab coin under the tag Coins.

Any help on this would be great because I’ve tried a couple of different ways of counting the coins collected but the problem seems to persist.

Thanks for reading.

Fixed Script by replacing scripts attached to player in scenes where it was doubling…