Collab upload is taking up all my bandwidth and then fails because of "no connection"

I’m having an issue trying to use unity collab and I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered it too or can think of a solution to it.

Whenever I’m trying to ‘publish’ a change Unity hogs all the bandwidth of my DSL by trying to upload at the maximum allowed rate (I presume). After a few seconds it decides to log me out of my account, probably because it can’t hear back from the server, with a “connection lost” message and stops the upload too as it thinks it has no internet.

I checked the modem and the connection never actually goes down. I don’t have stability issues with my internet and this behaviour happens consistently every time I try to push anything more than a couple of megabytes on Unity Collab.

Is there a way to limit its upload speed or at least make it not freak out while uploading full speed?

Couple years later the problem still persists. I found that not clicking ANYTHING after starting the upload helps. I think that makes the project lick checking not trigger and in turn makes it possible to finish the upload with a slow connection.