Collaborating with Unity Free users from Pro?

I’m part of a small team building a game with Unity Free. While our plan is to buy Unity Pro licenses further into development, we have not yet done so due to the considerable cost. As the primary artist there are features of the engine I’d like to start working with now (lightmapping and dynamic shadows in particular) as well as tools like the profiler, but I will require Unity Pro to do so.

While I can personally spare the money for the pro license, I don’t expect that the other members of my team will be able to make that commitment in the near term. If I choose to upgrade to Pro, will I cause issues for my team members? If me playing around with those features is going to screw over my team, then I’m better off waiting until we can all afford a license.

Yes, don’t upgrade. You breach the license terms if you make a game using a mixture of Pro and Standard versions of Unity.