COLLADA import with textures

It looks like collada files are supported by drag and drop import’s, but although textures are converted to materials they do not show up on the mesh…

Is there a way to have collada files imported with textures intact?

The images are stored in a folder called TEXTURES in the project panel. The dae references them like this:




i find my collada imports fine IF I import the textures first.

Are you sure all the files are in the correct place(s)? I’ve not had any such problems.

I used to have this same Problem. I never found a straight way to fix it, so now I import the Collada File into Blender. You then export that as an AutoDesk(fbx) file.

When Importing it into Unity:

  1. Drag The texture folder for your Collada file into Unity.
  2. Drag the FBX file into Unity

It is imperative that you do it in this order… It works 95% of the time for me. Every so often it assigns the wrong texture to the object but that is very rare.