Collider added far from object

Hellow, i tried to add a collider to my object…

i add box collider to my “House” object… but the collider appear a little far from the real object… anybody know why this happening?
does this has to do with the object itself? i tried to change the collider offset, but when i do some script, the object goes to the first place that collider added, cant find where’s the new offset collider…


see, the collider is so far… its the 0,0,0 and i even change the size to 20… anyone could help? Thanks before :slight_smile:

As you can see on the object you have selected, it has child objects. That object has the collider, but the child objects are the ones that has the house mesh information, which means that the child objects can be at a different location. I also noticed that you’ve got Center and Global selected at the top in the toolbar, switch to Pivot and Local to easier see where the pivot points are :slight_smile: