Collider Bug

When I Destroy() an unwanted child with a collider attached off my transform all the other child colliders stop working. I can fix this by disabling and re-enabling and one of the child colliders and then all the child colliders start working again. I cant work out why this is happening and couldn’t find a post on-line of someone with the same issue. Is this a bug? Is there a cleaner workaround?

thanks Kenneth


Here is a picture of hierarchy for you Clopay.


All the colliders are a child of “MainBody”. If i was to destroy lets say “US_ranger” the colliders will stop working on Body_01_mesh_01,02,03,04,05, Platform_01, and wheel_01. However if i disable and re-enable a collider on any of those children of “mainBody”, all the collides will start working again. However the disable and re-enable has to be on a separate Update for it to work.

Hey Kenneth,

Could you be a bit more specific? Is the child that you’re destroying ALSO the parent of the other children? That could explain when the other children are affected by the enabling/disabling of the child in question.

Maybe including a picture of your project hierarchy would help :slight_smile: