Collider going through walls with box collider..

I have a peculiar problem, The main character of my game is going through invisible walls with box colliders. The problem is peculiar because everything is normal when running the game inside unite editor, but the exported game (be it exe or apk) just isn’t following any physics.

Ok here are some details to the problem
 1. I have invisible planes set up with box colliders around the path.
 2. The player character has a capsule collider.
 3. I am regularly getting the error "compute mesh inertia tensor failed" whenever I move my character.
 4. Everything is fine when the game runs in the editor, the exported build just doesn't recognize the planes with box colliders.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks… I can make a detailed video of the error if anybody wants…

ok, so you are getting that error because you trying to use a rigid body on an open mesh collider.

So to fix this don’t use rigid body with mesh colliders

Hope this help.