Collider looses cloth

I use a box with 30x30x30 vertices for cloth.
Four Capsule colliders hold it on the top.

Problem #1
If i scale the colliders to hit a single vertice it won’t hold the cloth.
![alt text][1]
I have to make them really large (which makes the attatched pieces look ugly)
![alt text][2]

When I move the colliders fast, the cloth detatches and falls down.
I need a way to attatch the cloth on single points onto objects, which I can move with c# script

Hi @fleischverpackung

I tried to recreate what you’re trying to do based on your screen caps.

I wanted to ask, have you gone into the Cloth component, clicked on Edit Constraints and then painted green (0.2) the vertices you want to be pinned? I made a cube GameObject the parent of the GameObject with the Cloth component, set the pins and didn’t have a problem with the cloth detaching from the box when I moved the box’s transform. (Unless I’m not understanding correctly… is the mesh used by the Skinned Mesh Renderer component affiliated with the Cloth component a plane? It’s a little hard for me to tell from the description.)

Hi there, thanks for trying!

I used a box with 6 sides of cloth, each of them 30x30 vertices.
Then I wanted to lock some vertices to colliders. You can either edit the constraints to fix a cloth vertice, or you can start the simulation with a collider that surrounds the vertices you want to be fixed to that collider.
I mean it does work, but it seems to have problems when the collider just contains one vertex. In Obi cloth this works flawlessly! One collider, one vertice - bombproof. Within the new Unity5 cloth engine this seems a little big buggy and the collider looses the cloth.