Collider not activating


The collider should should work on activation, but it wont.


var pressed : boolean = false;
var Speedtap : GameObject;
var Endurance : GameObject;
var Timed : GameObject;
var Back : GameObject;
var Start: Collider;

function OnMouseDown () {


if (pressed == true) { = false; = false; = false; = false; = true;


function OnMouseUp () {

pressed = true;
renderer.material.color =; 



How can I get it to work? Thanks anyone who can help.

I’m confused by your code. What object is the collider “Start” connected to? Is it the current game object, and if so did you drag it into Start in the Inspector? Or is it attached to another game object? You are setting the “active” flag of the game object directly. If you look at the warning generated in the Console window, this usage is obsolete. Use GameObject.SetActive() instead.

You also write “ = true.” I’m surprised this compiled, since I don’t know of an “active” property for a collider. Colliders do have an “enabled” property, so you may want:

Start.enabled = true;

Finally you set “pressed = true” in the OnMouseUp() routine, but you check it in the OnMouseDown(). This means that the code in OnMouseDown() will only get executed on the second press of the mouse button (and on every press thereafter).