Collider not detecting collision with moving object

So, I have a moving object, and my player has a rigidbody.

The moving object (which has a box collider on it) just goes straight trough the player.
It doesn’t detect the player and the player doesn’t detect the box, UNTIL i move the player.
Then it detects the box and does what it should.
But i need the box to detect the player even if the player isn’t moving.
How would i do that?
Current Code :

    void OnCollisionEnter(Collision coll)

        Debug.Log("Collided with : " + + " It has the tag : " + coll.gameObject.tag);

        if (coll.gameObject.tag == "Car")

Here’s a checklist:

  • Both the Player and the Car have Rigidbody component on them.
  • Make sure IsKinematic in Rigidbody component is set to false on both the Player and the Car.
  • You’re using the physics engine (e.g. AddForce) to move the objects, but not modifying their Transform (e.g. Translate).