Collider not triggered when change posision

I was doing the 1st Lab of Walker’s Boys training session.

What I am trying to do is randomize 3 cubes in front of camera without collided with other by OnTrigger/OnCollision functions

The problem is the event does not trigger if those cubes didn’t move after instantiate or move(It’s work just fine when a cube fall on another cube)

Is that how it support to be, or I missed something? Here the code:

function move(){
var position :Vector3;    		
		position.z= 9;
		position.x= Random.Range(-0.7,1.7);
		position.y= Random.Range(13.2,15.2);		
function OnCollisionStay(other:Collision){

Check out the doc:

It says you might want to take out the “other:Collision” parameter from the OnCollisionStay method unless you are actually using it.

Now to address the actual problem. As I understand, if your cubes are able to trigger each others colliders (which makes sense), but something else is not then that GameObject is missing a collider and a rigidbody component.

Also, know that the OnCollisionStay is called for every frame that the objects are colliding, if you only want to know when the initial collision happens then you might want to use OnCollisionEnter (or OnTriggerEnter)