Collider/Rigidbody not working as expected

Disclaimer: Am a noob. But from what I understand about collisions, both objects must have colliders and one must have a Rigidbody. I currently have a Rigidbody and Sphere collider on my player, and a collider on the obstacle game object.


Other Object:

And the Destroy script on my obstacle object is as follows:

using System.Collections;  
using System.Collections.Generic;  
using UnityEngine;  

public class Destroy : MonoBehaviour  


void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col)   

My player is currently passing through the object and the collision is going undetected.

I should also mention that the obstacle object is a grand-child object, and both parents have neither rigid bodies nor colliders on them (I believe this is where I am running into trouble). Thank you very much for any help/advice anyone can give!

I made a scene that has your criterias. All I changed was uncheck the istrigger checkbox on your player. Also, you should remove one destroy script from your obstacle since you have two currently.

Edit : It works after the change. Also, it doesnt matter if its a child of a gameobject, as long as the intended gameobject have a collider and it is set to istrigger.