Collider Shape

No code example for this since it’s a question on “How To” ?

I need a simple wafer shaped object…a primitive capsule is perfect if its height is shrunk down to about 0.1 of normal. BUT…I need to detect collisions between wafers…and I’m not sure what to do about the collider.

First, the capsule collider has the semi-sphere at each end which “lifts” my wafers off the ground if I leave it in place and it doesn’t really match up with my wafer if I raise the collider above the wafer. I’ve been experimenting with different sorts of colliders…several box colliders each slightly offset…a wheel collider laid on its side (wow, these are complex though)…a spherical collider (but this seems to have the same problem as the end of the capsule collider.

Is there something I’m missing? Something simple that I don’t know about? I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to ponder this matter but I couldn’t find anything on point in a search.

Thanks in advance for any help.

you can make any collider shape you want in your 3d modeling program. when you import it into unity simply add the mesh collider component, and turn of the mesh renderer so you cant see it. if you want it attached to another object just make it a child object of the original parent.