Collider should trigger if another comes in

Hey there,
I got two objects a bowl and a mixer.

The bowl has a script on it which says:

public Collider mixermarker;

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other){
    if (other == mixermarker) {
        Debug.Log("mixermarker inside");	

I dragged the script on the bowl with the collider in it. Then I dragged the mixer (with its own collider) into the line “mixermarker” so that the collider from the mixer is connected to the script.

Now if the mixer collider comes into the bowl collider, there should be “mixermarker inside” in the console. But it isn’t.

I tried changing the sizes of the colliders (they do overlap!) and making two new empty game objects with a collider each applied. Nothing works.

Where could be the error? I tried around for about over two hours now…

Collision message are sent only when the collision occures because of a physical movement. In other words, Translate won’t send the message, gravity or rigidbody.AddForce will.

Rigid Body did it. Thanks!

That should be mentioned in the script referrence.