Collider that can perfectly fit the shape of a sprite?

I’m trying to create the collision for one of my maps. However, I’ve looked online for the last hour and found nothing to answer my problem. I’m creating a tile-based game, and I want perfect collision on this sprite for one of my maps. However, I don’t want to create 26 different children with box colliders to make it up. When the maps get bigger and more complicated, this will take up too much time.

I want collision to occur on the red without creating a ton of colliders, but none of the colliders seem to have the kind of collision I’m looking for. I’ve tried the polygon collider, but due to the split-up nature of the sprite it’s impossible to work with. Is there something that will allow me to easily create a collider that fits the shape perfectly?

Make the Red Line a Single Image. Without Floors, Walls, Etc. That is your “Collider Map”. Sort it with the Sprite Layers “under” the Level and add a "Mesh Collider. Everything in the Image that has Color Information (not Alpha Channel) will be as Collider. Supported files are .png and .tiff

You can make a tile that represents a wall, and this tile can be given a box collider for all instances of the tile. Then you don’t have to worry about doing anything manually. If you put the tile in, the collider will just work