Collider with cinema 4D

I have a problem with sphere collider.

The attached image is a c4d mesh file

I created box for box collider and sphere, for the center, for sphere collider.
When shield fell down, if i use the sphere mesh created with cinema 4d, for sphere collider, don’t work very well on movement.
If i use unity5 sphere collider the physic work very well and all movement are fluid.

Is possible recreate same sphere collider in cinema 4d or need only create collider in unity 5 editor for have a good physic movement?

Thanks for yours time.

If no combination of primitive colliders fit your needs you can create a custom collider mesh and add it as a mesh collider to you object.

Be aware that meshcollider should have a low resolution mesh and have some restricted functionality compared to the primitive colliders.

But rigid body and mesh collider not work in unity 5.
I need have a good physic with this complex mesh.