Collider2D and Translate problem

Hello, it’s almost the same problem HERE. I am trying to bounce the tile above the circle on top of the platform, there is no problem when the platform is fixed, but when the script who make the platform move is activated, the tile crash the circle, as in this picture:


and this is the inspector of the 3 GameObjects:

and this is the script for moving the platform:

    public float min;
	public float max;
	public float speed;
	public float sens;
	void Start(){
		sens *= speed;
	void Update () {
		if (transform.localPosition.x > max) {
			sens = -speed;
		} else if (transform.localPosition.x < min){
			sens = speed;
		transform.Translate (sens * Time.deltaTime, 0, 0);

i have no idea what is the problem.
can anyone help me please

I find the problem, i have to add a kinematic Rigidbody2D to the moving colliders. Colliders without a rigidbody are treated as static colliders by Unity and should never be moved.