Collider2D not stopping when colliding with another Collider2D [Solved]

So I have a 2D player with a Capsule Collider 2D and a Kinematic Rigidbody 2D and a tree with 2 colliders. One on the leaves and one on the trunk. The leaves have a Circle Collider 2D with Is Trigger on and works fine but the trunk with the Box Collider 2D and Is Trigger off doesn’t seem to work. I’m trying to just use the box collider to stop the player from being able to walk through the tree trunk but it does nothing. I’ve tried giving the tree a rigidbody2d and tried unticking and ticking every option in the rigidbody inspector and collider inspector on both the player and the tree but nothing seems to work. Am I missing a component or do I need to program an OnCollisionEnter2D for this or something. I would really appreciate any suggestions or solutions.

Using Unity version 2018.2.20f1

Did You Try Turning Kinematic Into Dynamic?