Collider2D turning on even though it is set to turn off

Hello! I am running into an odd problem and I am not sure what I am doing wrong here.

I have tried a different solution for hitboxes (before, I was using a physics2d overlapcircle call with a reference point that had an attack attribute script that handled knockback, hitstop, etcetera)- which is animating the collider2ds.

The issue I have is that I set the collider to turn on when the attack begins, adjust it for the animation, then set it to turn off. Whenever I try to playtest this, I see that if I move, the colliders will turn back on for some reason.

That will be because it is only set for off while the animation is playing (at least I think)
maybe make a line of code that turns it off after the animation like through a wait for seconds coroutine of something.