colliders and physics

so im sure this is a rather simple problem

but heres what i have

i have a player with the basic FP controls and then i have a custom made AI

now they both have their respective colliders, i believe the character controller has a default collider

now my bear AI

i have it set up so that if a player enters his range he will pause and then pursue the player and when the player enters his attacking range he will stop and attack the player (because of the way i want my game i have it so if the bear catches you you are owned which means when he does i have it so i locks down the players controls and camera[so they can watch helplessly as they are turned into a human chew toy])

now my problem is if the bear starts chasing me and i try to run away he will eventually catch up to me and i enter his attack range when that happens my controls do lock out however for some reason my player continues to move for like 5 feet then stops even though the player has no control and because of the way i have it, i have to have the bear stop when he attacks

I believe that has to do with Physics… The forward momentum of the player needs
to be zeroed out when you stop him. This can be done by getting current velocity
and reversing it and adding that as a force to the player.

Just started with Unity so cant give you the specific code, but I dealt with this
issue with another engine… The Physics friction can also slow them down as well.