colliders dont update with character animation

Hey guys, I am making a FPS in unity. I have some rigged and animated characters. I attached a mesh collider to them. But mesh collider is always the same and it doesn’t update when the character is runnig or shooting. The collider moves with the character but it is always in T_pose.

It’s impossible :slight_smile:

CPU is not able to calculate MeshCollider each frame per the rigged character.

I’m not sure what the goal you are looking for, but you can create for each character bone one capsule collider. For legs, body, arms and head (for a head you can use SphereCollider). To get access to the bones transforms, open the model import settings, select the Rig tab and untick the ‘Optimize Game Objects’ check box. After that add the model into the scene and you will see the transforms for each bone. So just add a capsule/sphere colliders to them and it will be work.