Colliders getting stuck in a weird way

My problem is concerned with Box Collider 3D. I have a cube moving on another flat cube both with 0 Friction Physic material. The track with is 15 units and the cube(Player) is 1x1x1. The length of each track is 100 units. Now the problem is that sometimes (or say many times) the Player(Cube) automatically stops at the end of a track…I mean just at the right dead end even if I am creating the tracks endlessly through Script and I have checked it many many times, whenever the cube stops it is at the end of the current track right before the next one. I have checked multiple times and found out that the dimensions and position of the next track exactly matches still this happens. An also I know that its not my fault because if it would have been my fault then it would have occurred every time I cross one track and go to another but it sometimes happens and sometimes not. Please help

If you are using character controller to move then try to make it move by changing the velocity of the Rigidbody

GetComponent<Rigidbody>().velocity = new Vector3 (. . . );