Colliders going through Colliders?

Hi there, I’m really new to Unity, I’m trying to do a surgery simulator, I’m using the FPS Controller of the standar assests with some variations on it, however my problem becomes when trying to do collisions between the patient and the doctor (Hand), because I want that the user is able to touch the patient. My set up is one hand attached to the camera, this hand is moved with the mouse using the Mouse Look with some variations I made. The hand is boned, and each bone has a collider. I’m using a rigidbody (Is kinematic) in the hand and child the colliders. The patient is also boned, each boned has its collider, however I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, the hand go through the body of the patient. At first I thought the colliders weren’t working but they actually are, I just want the hand stop when it meets the patient, so I can simulate the touch effect.

I know this is pretty easy, but I’ve searching a lot, and know I’m stuck and nothing seems to work for my situation. If anyone can help me, it will be more than appreciated.


I am also a noob, but from what I hear I would do 1 of two things-

  1. Check if one has the “Is Trigger” box checked
  2. Add a box collider on to the patient- most of the time if something is imported from blender it won’t have a default collider. If neither of these are the case it still might be a good idea to add a new collider to the patient, and you can look up how to add custom shaped colliders. Sorry if this didn’t help too much, hope you get your answer.