Colliders merging into one another

I used colliders to detect collision in my project. But the colliders seem to merge into one another creating unnecessary collisions and problems. I have even set the default contact offset to 0.0001 but that doesn’t do the trick. Why arent the colliders staying on top of another instead of merging into each other. Please help me. It is an emergency and I need to resolve it as soon as possible. I have attached screenshots for your reference.

Try doing your Collision Detection in Rigid Body to Continuous. And Interpolate to Interpolate.

@TechTayyab interpolate doesn’t do the trick. When I use interpolate the object is moving front and back continuously. And I have already set the collision detection to continuous but still, this problem occurs. When the object falls from a height, the collider of one object enters into the collider of another object. Please help me.