Colliders not working when moving to objects (Google Cardboard)

Hi there, so I’m working on a game for my class project requiring me to use Google Cardboard in the game. I am able to set it up to have objects to move towards on enter and stop moving on exit but for some reason I phase through solid objects. I have put colliders on everything and tried rigidbodies as well and nothing seems to register.

I was wondering if anyone has had this trouble before or at least has a solution.

Thank you

@LactheWatcher If you are moving your objects using the Rigidbody class so something like Rigidbody.AddForce etc and you have rigidbody’s on your player and the other objects there should be no collision problems. The rigidbody class works by applying real world physics to your object. If you are using the transform class to make your object move so transform.position etc. This will rely on colliders for collisions. If you are just using colliders make sure that they are not “is trigger” as this will mean other objects can pass through it. As aditya says an example code of how your player move will help a lot.