Colliders on this spider

Hey so i have bought this spider assets but it doesn’t have any colliders and I have tried with a mesh collider but its joints doesn’t have the mesh so I cant get it to work so anyone who has a way to put a collider on the whole spider?
Spider Character Spiders Pack - Fantasy RPG | 3D Creatures | Unity Asset Store

Add the colliders as capsule or sphere colliders to the rig. Since it’s animated it should have a rig hierarchy. This will mean they follow the animation. You don’t want to add mesh colliders to anything that moves, in general. Two meshcolliders hitting one another is extremely expensive to compute. The method in 99.9% of games (even AAAs) is to have a static meshcollider on the world, then capsule/box/spheres on moving objects. Note you can add multiple overlapping primitive colliders to the same gameobject if you need more complex shapes.