Colliders2d not colliding, yet stoping the rigibody2d.

Hi, I have a very weird problem dealing with colliders2d and rigidbody2d. Kind of similar to this question
Problem with colliders2D with GameObjects

I have a gameobject with rigidbody2d and boxcollider2d attached to it (lets call it “Player”). I am moving that object by AddForce method on top of other gameobjects in the world which only have boxcolliders2d attached to them. But at times my Player stops moving as if it is colliding with a gameobject and cannot move further ahead. Here are the images for it. I will explain more via images. 57117-image1.png

Both are images of same scenario. First Image is a bit zoomed out. And Second is zoomed in at the direction my Player is moving. Now the thing is my player is stuck there. And will be stuck there, unless I move my Gameobject 1 or Gameobject 2 a bit upward (increase their Y from even from the inspector). Or move Gameobject 3 a little downwards. Till I wont do that, my player is stuck there. I know this is a very weird problem and more information might be required. So, if you need to know anything else in the scenario, please do let me know. I would be very thankful if some1 help me to fix this problem. Thank you in advance. 2d even if the player is above the other game objects it will be considered like they face each other so the (Z) index doesn’t matter. if you want the player to move above objects it will be moving throw them so you have to set objects box collider to triger in hierarchy.