Colliding problems.

Hello everyone.
I need to write a script which adds value of 2 to wood_left variable when axe collides with the tree.
Okay, so I have a player and axe is child of player so they move together.
But I got a little problem.
Player does collide with the tree, but axe doesnt. Axe is a group of two parts what makes axe and both of these parts have mesh colliders on.
But they just wont collide have no idea why.
Im sorry its just to hard to explain, I just cant. So could someone please (I hate when people ask for scripts while they give nothing, but Im just gonna shoot myself Im so confused) help me write this script, or give a short summary how it should look like. Oh and I forgot to mention I have tried putting the script on the player, it collides but it wont add 2+ to the Wood_left variable, Ive changed the script to OnTriggerEnter instead of OnCollisionEnter and works fine except it walks through the tree.

So okay heres what I need:
If axe touches the tree +2 is added to the wood_left variable and for them to collide not just ghost each other.

ANY help will be appreciated. :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Sorry for the tags, the tag system is stupid it wont let me create my own tags but I HAVE TO add tags so how da **** should I know what tags have been used already by other people, It does gives suggestions but my suggestions were: vector 2 and samsung galaxy tab 2 so I choose vector 2… Sorry again. :slight_smile:

Oh and another problem:

Axe is group of 2 objects && its a child of GameObject Player. Its obviuosly childed by Player only so they can move together without any scripting.
Okay so let me explain whats the problem:

  • is the grass/terrain whatever.
    T - is the tree.
    P - is the player.
    A - is the axe.

Edit:Picture added instead of text because it gets distorted after posting.
** I know I know I could have added real ‘‘game’’ pictures, but I dont have unity on this pc so sorry about that. Also anyway I hope u understood it. :slight_smile: