Colliding with a hollow mesh

I've modelled a tunnel (cave) in blender with lots of bends in it and want a spaceship to fly through it (and of course bounce off the walls of the tunnel)

The only problem is that i can't seem to get the collisions working with the tunnel. Is this because the tunnel is hollow?

Is there a way to get this working?



You should be able to do this with a mesh collider, and by making sure that "convex" is not checked.

You'll also need to make sure that your ship uses primitive colliders, or that its mesh collider component is marked as convex.

For more detail, read about mesh colliders here.

@seriousmedia Were you able to solve this? I have a similar issue.

You cannot have a concave mesh with a mesh collider on it, as far as I understand it. You need to manually place various colliders inside your cave or find some other way of doing the collisions. You can attach child gameobjects with simple box colliders and then scale them to be roughly the same area as the inside of the cave, for example.