Colliding with static model

I have a bunch of candle models and a player character model (with a character controller).

I do not want the character to pass through the candles and I also don't want the candles to move on collision. I'm not sure how to go about doing this. If I use Rigid Bodies for the candles with a mesh collider and freeze their position and rotation, the character passes through it. If I remove either of the freeze options, then the candle moves.

I have two colliders on the candle objects, a sphere collider (for lighting the candle) and a mesh collider (for the rigid body).

The isKinematic option is not checked as well.

Can someone please guide me?

Thanks, Raja

Just add colliders to your static objects and do not have a rigid body attached. That will ensure they do not follow physics calculations and will be stationary objects that cannot be passed through.