Collision based combat, I've got the basics, need a hand.

Alright so I have this

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class HealthStatus : MonoBehaviour {
	public int maxHealth = 100;
	public int curHealth = 100;
	public void AdjustHealth( int value )
		curHealth += value;
		curHealth = Mathf.Clamp( curHealth, 0, maxHealth );

For my health, and

var shoulder : Transform;
    function Start() {
        animation["Punch"].layer = 1;
    function Update () {

For my attacks.

What I would like to do now, is make the “curHealth” int go down an amount based on a rigid bodies mass value (use that as a “damage” value persay) on collision. Then, once reaching zero, destroys said object, then spawns a ragdoll of it.

Can ya’ help me out? - Sir Paddles of Loxely

You need to add
var rigidbodyname : Rigidbody
And then in the editor assign a rigidbody to it. This is only if you’re using a single rigidbody. If instead you want the health calculated by the rigidbody that hit it, you need to find out what that is. Use Raycast and .hitinfo (demonstrated in Angrybots demo, check AutoFire.js). Or find the game object that hit it with some other code, and grab (getcomponent) the rigidbody of that.

Then just call your adjust health function with the above information as a variable and you’re done.